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What we do...

We design, build, and maintain, useful websites for small businesses and busy people.

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Problems Solved

“I am really busy running my company. Having Kristie take care of my website freed up my time to focus on my core business."
Customer name
“Kristie has done a great job with our learning management system, making it easy for us to onboard new support staff, and deliver a product certification program.”
Source Elements
“Easy Web Things developed an Orchard Reporting System that has made it so much easier for ourselves and all our staff to keep track of maintenance and health and safety in our Orchard.”
Triumph Orchard


Carbon neutral website hosting.


Responsive website design, optimised for user experience.


Helpful informative written content that inspires trust and confidence.


Learning Management Systems for staff and customer training.


Website maintenance and support to keep your site secure and functioning smoothly.


Content and design updates, to keep your site relevant for visitors and search engines.

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